Why choose us

Ewathelo strives to help businesses build their online presences, drive traffic and generate more leads – allowing you to focus on what you are good at.

No rush jobs

Rush jobs tend to be half-jobs, something we do not want to deliver. We strive to provide our clients the best value for our money, thus we take a little extra time ensuring we get it right the first time around.

Long term Partnerships

We strive to add value to your business and strive to build a long-term relationship, becoming a valued partner in your success.

We value you

Our clients are not just another number, but rather like family. In this digital age where everything is instant, automated and impersonal, we aim to give good old-fashioned service with a smile.

We do not compete

We do not see other digital agencies as competition, but rather partnership in building the digital world Namibia desire and deserve.

Our commitment to you

We want to see our clients’ business strive, thus we are committed to always offer the best solutions to reach your business goals.


We strongly believe in collaborating services with other creative and dedicated companies and individuals to offer our clients the best solutions.

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Dont fear when Ewathelo is near, we are here to help you build your online presence - from start to finish.

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